How To Post

Hello friends,
A warm welcome to the Family. Check below how to join and add your posts into viraltube.

1. Register / Login

You have to Register / Login into viraltube website to create a new post.


2. Choose Post Type

  • Story Post (In this you can post any news and viral stories with images, text, video embeds etc)
  • Video Post (in this you can post videos and its description with an attractive thumbnail 
  • Image Post ( in this you can upload multiple images vial URL, Past, Or Upload From device)
  • Status ( in this you can upload reels and short videos which can be shared as status)
  • Jokes ( in this you can add multiple text messages)
  • Lyrics ( Currently In Development and Not Allowed to be published) 

3. Publish Rules and Approval

To get the approval for your post these are the rules for all authors and writers 

  1. Post Must Have a Unique Title with Min 40 to 60 chars long
  2. Post must have a Unique description with 100 to 160 chars long
  3. Post must have eye-catching Thumbnail image


4. Affiliation - Sharing and Making Money

Your earnings will be calculated on the following matrix

  • The uniqueness of The Articles/ Post
  • Post Views
  • Post shared in platforms
  • Analytics and Refferals