The Best 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Future In India
If you are young, a student, or just starting your career, then this Article is important for you, because in this Article, I will reveal which jobs will be relevant in the future, which fields will be lucrative and most importantly, which jobs are going to become irrelevant.

These are the top 10 jobs of the future as per my research and opinion.


The number one job that’s going to be in demand in the future is hacking. But what kind of hacking? Not hacking that promotes theft but theft prevention hacking, which we also call ethical hacking. When Apple’s new OS is launched, many ethical hackers find bugs in them, and those bugs are reported to Apple. They get millions of dollars to identify these vulnerabilities.

These are called bounties. Apple has paid a total of $20 million in bounties. Microsoft follows the same system and so does Google I’m not even joking! What is the level of threat and how rare is it, The bounty amount depends on this today cyber security is an underrated field, but it is the reality of the future. Everyone wants to hire a cyber security expert, again, whose salary is in crores and cyber security experts have to be the best in the world.

Sustainability Experts

Climate change is a real problem, and solving a real problem is a real opportunity. Companies all over the world want to adapt to the problem of climate change. Whether it’s hotels or big companies, they want to reduce their carbon footprint. In this, there is space for consulting, where people can take consultation to make their companies more sustainable.

Now electricity is generated by solar power or windmill. Operating all these machines and managing people takes specialized skills and consequently, jobs will be generated in this space. At the same time, many companies want to fund sustainable projects, whether it’s tree plantation, or forest generation, or rooftop landscaping. Providing consultation for all this or executing them is also another field where jobs can be generated.


There are many problems in the Indian education system, but the internet has become a great equalizer with the help of which teachers are not restricted to school. A good teacher can start their own YouTube channel, can prepare the children for competitive exams and there are many real-life examples in front of you as well. Teaching is a very fulfilling profession where every year you get an opportunity to build a new connection with a new batch.

There are many challenges but the reward is as high. Physicswala has become a unicorn now. It started as a single-person company, and today they are a big organization, about which movies are being made. That’s the power of a good teacher.

AI Experts

A lot of people think that AI will take over jobs but that’s not true. You will not be replaced by AI, you will be replaced by someone who knows how to use AI. As AI will develop, every country I see a lot of such start-ups in Europe which test AI, and give certifications on the basis of how safe is the AI being used. This is a different branch where new jobs will be created. Just as one lakh new jobs were created in the industrial revolution.

Waste Management

There is a landfill outside every city, but this garbage is not just garbage, it is equivalent to gold, since many electronic items are thrown in every dumping ground. We can learn a lot from China as it is number one in the world in waste management. There is copper in broken wires. There’s metal in old batteries, mobile phones, and electronic items which can be recovered and reused. E-waste recovery and management can become a business in itself through which profit along with sustainability can be achieved If any of you is passionate about the environment, then start an e-waste management centre in your local area. It will take time to grow the business, but once the people in your area become aware of your venture, then people will gladly give you their e-waste.

Video Editors

Video editors are not going anywhere since every brand today is on Instagram. Videos perform best on social media apps. If you want to stand out, you will have to make an attractive video. Companies like Fiverr are a blessing for freelancers where people from countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan work for clients from Western countries. How cool is that! the demand for animators will also increase. The salary of the senior animators of Pixar and Disney Studios is up to $150,000!!

Modern Farming

People consider agriculture as the job of the previous generation, but in reality, it is the opposite. In the future, we will need smart educated farmers because our soil is getting degraded. The top soil has already been destroyed, so the nutrients that we get from wheat and rice are not sufficient. We have also explained this problem in this article.

Cold storage is needed in India because 30% of our food gets wasted. If India can reduce this wastage, then India can fulfil the needs of the world. These modern farming techniques are very specialized skills, and we need specialists to execute them. Demand is unlimited here and the potential for growth is immense I can easily imagine that to increase their income, traditional farmers can hire experts to create hydroponics and vertical farms for them.


The world is getting old. If we look at the average age by country, then high-income countries like Japan, Germany, and Italy, their average age is very high. And as the age increases, so do the health care requirements. Nurses can play an important role here. Traditionally it was thought that nurses are only females, but that’s not necessary, there are male nurses too. In fact, Indian nurses are known all over the world for their skills and dedication.

Wellness And Travel Experts

There is a lot of scope in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector to grow in India. This is a sign that people’s purchasing power is increasing, which means in the coming time, more people will go on vacations with their families.

Now air travel is becoming affordable. If more people travel, they will stay in some hotel, eat food somewhere. In the hospitality sector, we’d heard about jobs like hotel manager, but cultural liaison officer, wellness coordinator, and sustainability manager, such new jobs are coming into the market. Nurses are still India’s number 1 export, even more than engineers. Educational institutions should be increased for nursing. In countries like Australia.

Technical Maestros

As per World Economic Forum’s Jobs of the Future report, looked at LinkedIn’s data for the last 4 years, and you can see an interesting trend that skilled technicians are still in demand. For example, there is a channel on you tube called Wood Art of Vietnam that makes such detailed wood art pieces. His most popular video has more than 20 million views, which means this guy would be earning ₹5-10 lakhs every month from ad revenue only, plus each of his art work is sold for ₹10-20 lakhs.

Now will you call him a carpenter or an artist? The construction and real estate industry is going to grow by 25% in next 5 years, which means that skilled technicians have a lot of scope and opportunities. Every work is important.


This is not an easy task. And that’s what we want to say at the end, there are no shortcuts! No matter what field you choose, there is no genie who can make you rich overnight. As a result, all these professions are so crowded, that it is very difficult. To stand out there at the same time, If you have talent, you want to do something new, then there is a path for you in every field. If you understood the message of this Artical, then share it with your friends.

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